Unexploded Bombbs: A Review of 13 Bom di Jakarta

Jakarta-. The fairly direct titled, 13 Bom di Jakarta (international name: 13 Bombs) guarantees its audience large-scale action. Promoted as the most significant local action film of the year in many of its advertisements, the boastful tone of the promotional content mirrors the movie itself; it informs more than it demonstrates. The film opens intensely with an action-packed sequence where the villains successfully explode a cash transportation vehicle and then demand 100 Bitcoins. Under the guidance of the cryptic Arok (Rio Dewanto), the militant group advocates for equality and justice. The group is motivated by the urge to dismantle and reconstruct the rotten economic system that is bustling with endemic poverty. The group alleges they have scattered 13 explosives across the entirety of Jakarta, effectively holding the city hostage. Related content for you. The requirement brings about the participation of Oscar (Chicco Kurniawan) and William (Ardhito Pramono), who are dramatized representations of the initiators of Indodax, a firm dealing in cryptocurrency trading. The Indonesian Counter Terrorist Agency (ICTA), who are managing the case, became suspicious of the terrorists’ specific demand for the transfer of Bitcoins via Indodax. The stern commander General Damaskus (Rukman Rosadi), the sharp-minded Karin (Putri Ayudya), and the temperamental Emil (Ganindra Bimo) are all classic characters in an action movie.


Updated: Desember 29, 2023 — 1:00 pm

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